The Jolly Roger: An Airman's Tale of Survival in World War II

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ISBN: 9781457539510
316 pages

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James C. Atkinson began life the descendant of an impoverished farming family in rural east-central Mississippi. While a high school senior, he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Force and, like so many young men of his generation, left his home to fight for his country in WWII.


About William C. Atkinson

William C. Atkinson is a Physician Assistant in Orthopedic Surgery, an instrument-rated private pilot, former offshore sailor and avid fly fisherman. He is a student of WWII history and a WWII aviation enthusiast.



There were no visible flames, only intense, searing heat. At once, his entire flight suit caught fire, and with no conscious thought he reached for his parachute at his feet against the waist window bulkhead. Instinctively, he tucked it under his arms like a football and dove through the open window, the force of the leap tearing loose the attachments to the airplane of his headphones, throat microphone and oxygen mask.


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